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I never in a million years thought I would be writing a blog of any kind, especially a blog about natural health topics, but here I am. I've recently become extremely interested in natural health due to my own health issues and have done much research into natural remedies and nutrition.  I am not a doctor nor a health professional, just someone who has taken control of her own health and body in her quest for better health.

So why exactly am I starting this blog? Well there's a couple main reasons:

  • I have so much information and opinions on natural health floating around in my head, and I need an outlet to vent so my head doesn't explode. Along those same lines, I also need an audience where people don't think I'm crazy! I'm the only one in my family that is really into natural health (I'm hoping to gradually change that), so everyone else thinks I'm off my rocker whenever I mention the dangers of sugar consumption, aspartame, MSG, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, chemicals in household and beauty products, prescription drugs; and also about how we should eat organic foods, meat that comes from grass-fed hormone-free cows, eggs from free-range chickens, etc. In fact I don't even talk to them about my feelings about pasteurized milk, microwave oven use, Teflon, and fluoride because they'd probably try to admit me to the insane asylum, lol!

  • I know it sounds so cliché, but if I could help at least one person overcome some of their health issues through natural methods vs. chemical drugs, then it would be well worth it. Seriously, I've had a laundry list of health problems throughout the years that medical doctors couldn't seem to solve. Instead they've just written me countless prescriptions that only masked the symptoms, and did not address the underlying cause of my issues. Not to mention the sometimes horrifying side effects that these drugs caused! So I've decided to share my story and the natural methods I've used to achieve better health in the hopes that it can help others out there.

In future blog posts I will write about some of the health challenges I've faced throughout my life, some since I was a teen (I'm now in my late thirties) - including dizzy spells, anxiety, panic attacks, digestive problems, hypoglycemia, leg and joint pain, abdominal pain, sinus problems, tingling in hands/feet, frequent colds, chemical and environmental sensitivities, etc. I want to stress that I USED TO suffer from many of these on a regular basis. The majority of these issues have completely gone away or are much less severe through proper nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes, NOT from prescription drug use!!

One of my favorite quotes is that "no illness or disease is ever caused by a drug deficiency". Most modern "diseases" in my opinion that aren't caused by a virus or bacteria are either caused by food or chemical allergies, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or from toxic overload to our bodies. And drugs just cannot "cure" any of these so-called diseases. More about that later…

In the future I'll also post things that are of interest to me in the natural health world and I may occasionally throw in things about the conventional medical paradigm, the pharmaceutical industry, and the FDA that really tick me off.

So "Welcome" to my blog, and I hope you'll come back and read more as I post new stuff. I'd like to post something every week, but with my busy schedule and being realistic, I'm going to shoot for a couple times a month. Thanks for joining me on this journey to better health!

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