Panic Attacks and Anxiety - Part Three

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This is the last post in my 3-part series on panic attacks and anxiety. If you haven't seen them, you may read the first two posts in the series now:

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In my last post I mentioned that my doctor had put me on antidepressants to try to curtail my anxiety, which she believed was attributing to my panic attacks. One thing she mentioned that alarmed me was the fact that if you were on them long term, they could damage your liver. The reason that was shocking to me was because it was a medical doctor warning me of the potential side effects. I remember thinking at the time, wow this must be really nasty stuff if my doctor is actually mentioning long term side effects.

Panic Attacks and Anxiety - Part Two

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(Continued from Panic Attacks and Anxiety - Part One)

Around the summer/fall of 2007, I started having severe panic and anxiety attacks again on a regular basis. They were similar to episodes I had experienced previously, except I didn't feel like I was dizzy or spinning. I just felt really nauseous and like I was going to lose consciousness or faint. And it mostly happened while I was driving. I honestly thought that I might pass out while driving, which would cause me to wreck my car and die. A couple times I had to suddenly lurch over to the shoulder and park until I felt the sensation pass, then I would finish driving home. It got to the point where I was terrified to drive and this was very debilitating to me, as I had a full time job, carpooling duties, groceries and errands, etc.

There were a few days where I had to work from home because I was too scared to drive on the interstate. I am fortunate to have a job and an understanding employer where this was possible. But obviously this could not go on forever. I went to see my doctor (different doctor than before, as we had moved to a new city by this time). She is actually the one who diagnosed me with anxiety and panic attacks, and as most MDs do, she prescribed me some magic pills to mask the symptoms of my anxiety rather than trying to find the root cause and treating that.

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