Recently Diagnosed - Type 2 Hypothyroidism

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Holy cow, I just realized I haven't posted since end of April! A lot's happened since then. Let's see, I found out that I have Type 2 Hypothyroidism, also known as "thyroid resistance". Once I found out, I did some research on it, and let's just say that the world makes perfect sense to me now!

In Type 2 Hypothyroidism thyroid hormones, T-4 and T-3, appear normal in the bloodstream, but they are inactive (resistant) at the receptor-sites (this is similar to how Type 2 Diabetics have plenty of insulin, it's just resistant). In addition, nutrient deficiencies can affect thyroid conversion, including vitamin D, vitamin B12, and iodine deficiencies, all of which I was deficient in.

Here are some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism:

• Hypothermia/low body temperature (feeling cold when others feel hot)
• Fatigue, exhaustion
• Puffiness and swelling around the eyes and face
• Pains, aches in joints, hands and feet
• Morning headaches
• Slow heartbeat
• Irritability
• Difficulty concentrating
• Forgetfulness
• Shortness of breath and tightness in the chest
• Feeling the need to yawn to get oxygen
• Eyes very sensitive to light
• Strange feelings in neck or throat
• Lightheadedness, dizziness

Bingo! I've had all of these symptoms for years and no medical doctors had ever put the pieces together. That may be because one of the major symptoms that I don't have is that I'm not overweight and don't have trouble losing weight. In fact, I'm the exact opposite; I feel like I'm too skinny and have an extremely difficult time GAINING weight.

I know, I know, such a terrible problem to have... But I'm telling you it is very much as frustrating as not being able to lose weight when you want to. Anyway, after googling I discovered that there are a lot of people out there in the world who are hypothryroid and underweight. For them too it took a very long time to get a diagnosis, because all their doctors dismissed their long list of symptoms as hypothyroidism since they weren't overweight. Ughhh!!!! Yet another travesty of needless suffering due to the ignorance and/or incompetence of medical docs!

I'm so glad I found my naturopathic physician, who has done a wonderful job of helping me achieve optimal wellness through nutrition and natural remedies. Along with the vitamin D, multivitamin, fish oil, and iodine supplments he originally had me taking, he has also put me on an all natural thyroid supplement called T100, made by Dynamic Nutritional Associates, Inc. I must admit that it did take several weeks to feel the full effects. In fact, at one point after about a month we increased my dosage and I had some side effects (fast heartbeat, digestive issues, and overall feeling pretty awful). We decreased my dosage back down and those side effects went away after a couple days. In fact, at my last visit we decreased it down even lower since I had made such an improvement on my lab tests. The goal is to eventually get down to the lowest dose possible to where I continue to no longer have any symptoms.

So the hypothyroidism along with my previously diagnosed food allergies comprise two root causes in this trifecta of health challenges I have been facing. The third (and I hope final) issue that I've discovered is I have a bacterial and yeast overgrowth in my digestive tract. Even after getting my thyroid under control, I was still having digestive issues so we explored that further through lab tests. I'm currently being treated for this as well, and so far results are pretty good, although I've only been on the treatment for a week (it's a 6-week program). In my next post I'll give more details on this treatment plan and report on how it's going.

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