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After countless misdiagnoses and medical blunders, and the firing of yet another MD, I have decided to take control of my own health. For the past couple years I had been doing things on my own, but recently resorted to seeing a medical doctor for some new health challenges (lets just say that the results were not so good!).

I'm happy to say that I've FINALLY found a naturopathic physician to help me with my natural health endeavor. This blog will chronicle my journey to better health and healing through nutrition, with some rants about the failings of the conventional medical paradigm thrown in for good measure.

My name is Wendy and the subject of natural health and wellness is one that is very near and dear to me. I have faced a myriad of chronic health challenges throughout my life, some since I was a teen. While most of the issues I've faced wouldn't be considered life threatening in and of themselves, they certainly lessened my quality of life; and some of them I'm convinced would have significantly shortened my life if left unresolved.

Some of the health challenges I've faced throughout my life include anxiety, panic attacks, dizzy spells, chronic nausea, digestive problems, hypoglycemia, leg and joint pain, abdominal pain, sinus problems, tingling in hands/feet, frequent colds and sickness, and chemical/environmental sensitivities, to name a few.

The conventional medical community advocates treating all illnesses with pharmaceutical drugs (chemicals). While these drugs may treat the symptoms of your disease to get you feeling better in the short term, they do not identify or treat the underlying cause of your illness; therefore you are prone to getting the same condition over and over again.

It is very important to find the ROOT CAUSE of your condition and treat THAT. You may want to also treat the acute symptoms so that you feel better in the short term. But again, if you don't find and treat the root cause, your problem will just keep coming back.

Many of my health issues I've discovered are due to multiple food allergies and vitamin deficiencies.  Through diet, nutrition, exercise, and a few supplements, I am feeling consistently good for the first time in my life. I love to eat organic, fresh foods whenever I can. By doing all my own cooking from scratch, I can ensure that what I'm putting into my family's bodies is wholesome and healthy.

I am not a doctor nor a health professional; I am just someone who has taken control of my own health on a crusade for healthier living and a better quality of life. If you are suffering from chronic health issues, I highly suggest that you find a naturopathic physician in your area to help you on your own journey to "Nutritional Healing".

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